How to Promote OnlyFans on Twitter?

Updated: Mar 19

Twitter is home to millions of users all over the world. Find out how to use this major platform to your advantage.

How to Promote Onlyfans on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media with less restriction to promote your OnlyFans. The Followers growth are faster compared to Instagram with less chance of getting an account ban. Twitter has been widely used to share adult content.

Regardless, our strategy will help you gain followers as fast as possible, in as little time as possible. We grew our account from 0 to 30k followers in 6 months. Just follow our step by step guide and you can have the same results and starting to have consistent subscribers to your OnlyFans every day.

Setting Up Your Twitter Account

Twitter Operations Settings:

Although Twitter is the home of the sex worker there are still certain settings that need to be adjusted so you don't get shadow-banned at the very start. Upon first signing up make sure you are on an actual computer,not your phone.

In Settings go to "Privacy and Safety"...Click on "Content you see" and mark "Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content".

Next, in the Privacy and Safety section, Click on "Your Tweets" then select the box that says "Mark Media you Tweet as Containing Material That May Be Sensitive".

Go to "Search Settings" and uncheck the box that says "Hide Sensitive Content"

Also be sure to Verify your Twitter account by clicking on the link that is sent to your email, if you don't, you will be shadow banned.

Change your username by going to "Settings and Privacy", click on "Account" and then click "Username". Here you can change your username. It should be simple and easy to remember.

Profile Adjustments:

Your Display name is a several word summation of your OnlyFans persona. Keep it short and simple.

Your Twitter bio should write your best “selling point”. If its your boobs, write your cup size. Then write down what will they get if they subscribed to your OnlyFans. Example: “Subscribe and get access to 300 photos 20 videos of my 34DD boobs.” “DM [Twittergift] in OnlyFans and I will personally send you a surprise video of me fingering myself”. “Subscribe to see my virgin pussy”. Play around with creativity and emphasize on the selling point.

Last but not least, link your OnlyFans link on the website section.

Following NSFW Creators:

Start following accounts that you think their follower base is your target audience. Basically, account that tweet sexy or nude content would work well. (Creator that sell Video Call Sex, Onlyfans Creator, or creator that Selling Nudes in Telegram).

Once you follow, DM them immediately and try to make friends with them. We would need them at a later stage to do Retweet for Retweet (Fastest Twitter Growth strategy).

Pin a Tweet:

Pinning your best content is the key to turning your followers into paying subscribers. Your Pin tweet should ALWAYS be a short teasing video. It should be 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

The key to Pin Tweet is it should be enough to make a guy hard, but not enough to make them cum. If they like you and want to see more, they will subscriber to your OnlyFans!

Tweet 5 to 10 Posts:

Now that you have your best content Tweeted and pinned to the top of your page, proudly displaying your Onlyfans link for all to see, it's time to start tweeting.

Once you have selected the tweet to be posted to the top you can now start adding other posts for your followers to consume. Try to have at least 10 posts on your twitter so that your account doesn’t look new.

Twitter Growth Strategy

The only thing you should do daily is

  1. Find New Creator and Build relationship with them

  2. Perform Retweet for Retweet with all the Creators

Open up your excel sheet and start recording twitter account that agree to do Retweet for Retweet with you. Initially it would be hard because you have 0 followers. Start off retweet other creator tweets first and then DM them and ask them to Retweet. Start off with accounts with 0 to 10k followers first. It should look like this where creator just exchange links to retweet.

Twitter Growth Strategy

ReTweet for ReTweet:

RT for RT means you have to retweet a girl's tweet. when you do this, she will retweet you in return (Fans exchange) You have to DM "done" once you helped her to Retweet.

By doing this daily with 10-20 different accounts. Your account will grow very fast. Once your account grew bigger you can Retweet with bigger accounts, that makes your growth even faster due to higher exposure.

There are also many retweet groups where you only have to post your link once and other girls will help you to retweet automatically. This save you time from manually DM them.

At 21influencers, we have a social media team that specialize in helping creator to do retweet every single day to grow your twitter account. Arrange a call with us and see how we can help you in saving you lots of time and scale your Onlyfans business.

Shadow ban:

As long as you’ve made the required changes to the settings as mentioned above, and do everything mentioned above. Also, make sure to not use any hashtags as using certain hashtags may trigger shadow-bans.

If you are shadow-banned, no need to worry, you just have to stop all activity for up to 3 days. Keep checking whether you are shadow-banned during this period till the ban is lifted.

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