How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Instagram

Updated: Mar 19

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How to Promote Your Onlyfans On Instagram

Instagram is one of the hardest social media platforms to use to grow your OnlyFans due to it's highly regulated policy. If you careful to protect your account from being banned, you can gain an extra 5-10 subscribers a day through Instagram even on a fresh account.

The most important strategy for Instagram is to first to keep your account alive! Set aside the complicated growth strategies, I will first teach you the Do’s and Don’ts that are crucial to keeping your account safe from the detrimental Instagram ban, so that you don't waste months of effort for nothing.

Things NOT To Do With Your Instagram Account

1. Don’t login more than 3 device at any time. Try to use only your phone to login and register Instagram account.

2. Don’t link more than 3 accounts in one device.

3. Don’t use hashtags. Some hashtag will lead you to shadow ban or account being review.

4. Don’t use Follow/Unfollow strategy. It’s 2022 and this strategy has not been working as well as before. It’s slow and may get into action block or account being review.

5. Don’t use any 3rd party app (scheduling app) or linking any app with your Instagram.

6. Don’t buy followers. Fake bots follower is useless and will destroy your account.

7. Don’t spam post. (Max 3 post a day) Spread it across few hours.

8. Don’t spam DM other influencers.

9. Don’t write sensitive captions or story such as: OnlyFans, Nude, Boobs.

10. Don’t post overly sexy photos. Depend on your country culture, some people may report your account and Instagram may review your account.

11. Don’t directly link your OnlyFans link in your bio. Use Linktree or own website instead.

12. Verify your email and your phone number.

One mistake and it may cost your account to be permanently ban. That’s is why we want to be as safe as possible. It is not allowed to promote OnlyFans in Instagram. Once they found out, it’s time to say goodbye to your account. You will get a notice such as below.

How to Promote Onlyfans on Instagram

This is why most influencers won't use their personal Instagram accounts to promote OnlyFans. You should setup a new account with a different name and if you do get banned, you can recreate the Instagram account. Don’t feel discouraged, it’s all part of the learning process.

Instagram Growth Strategy

Growing Instagram is not easy. For start, we need to buy shoutouts from other influencers. A good shoutout can gain 200-1000 followers a day from an influencer with 10k to 30k followers. And during that day you will experience extra 10-50 subscribers a day subscribing to your OnlyFans.

How to look for creators to shoutout? There are many pages that shares real girls by tagging their Instagram account. These are good start to search for creator to shoutout. You can DM them individually and ask do they sell Instagram shoutout for a price. These are influencers that are working hard to build their Instagram account for business purposes. We also try not to spam to prevent getting action block. If you want to be safe, create another account that does the messaging and try to limit DM to under 10 influencers a day. Never spam 10 accounts in one go. Spread it throughout the day.

Secondly, before buying shoutout, we need to review the creator account and make sure that those are not fake bots followers. Go to and key in their Instagram username. You can see their daily followers growth, their engagement rate and their account score. Pick account that is B and above with an engagement rate of 5% above for smaller accounts (10k to 100k) and 3% above for bigger accounts.

Sample photo of

Usually you will make back your money from subscriptions. (Depends on your Instagram profile and your attractiveness). A $25 story post can gain $100 + worth of subscribers. Track your Return on Investment and if the creator shoutout works, engage with them once a month.

Once your account has grow into a healthy follower size (5k to 10k). You can start doing shoutout for shoutout with other influencer with the same follower size to cross promote your Instagram. Keep sourcing new influencers and build connection with them at a daily basis. In time you will see your Instagram grow well and you will get consistent subscribers to your OnlyFans.

For new account, try to get your feed around 12-20 post before buying shoutout. We want the account to look legit and have your best content up there before buying a shoutout to yield the maximum marketing result. After that, do only 1 post a day every single day, share 2-3 story a day of your life to build engagement.

Daily To Do List

1. Post 1 post a day. (Teasing Sexy Content)

2. Share 1-3 story a day.

3. DM 10 influencers a day to Buy Shoutouts.

That’s it! More is not good. The more action you do the more easily the account will get review and permanent ban. Try to minimize your action on operating the account. The key is to staying alive on Instagram.

We have gotten over 20 account bans and have learnt our way through all the mistakes that an amateur will make. By following our guide, you will minimize your risk of getting an account ban as much as possible. However, there are no guaranteed as Instagram Community Guidelines are constantly changing. Don’t fret if your account got ban, create a new one and do it all over again. If you would want us to help you to grow your Instagram, just arrange an online meeting with us. We will set up a new account for you and grow it without affecting your personal Instagram account, you just have to provide us with the content to post. (We will guide you on what post works best to build followers and engagement) without being overly exposing your account from being ban.

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